Carroll Financial
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Lao Tzu

the process

Bob works with clients at every stage of divorce, however it is ideal to meet with him as early in the process as possible.  Every divorce is unique and will involve different steps depending on your financial situation, however here is a general overview so you know what to expect:


1. Initial connect

  • Reach out to Bob for a complimentary, confidential consultation to share your situation and general financial status - no preparation is required.
  • Bob will identify areas where he can help and suggest other resources that may be beneficial eg. attorney, family counseling, real estate agent.  He can also educate clients on the different divorce options available to end a marriage.  The approach you select and the resources you use will have a big impact on your experience.  
  • There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to divorce, Bob can help separate fact from fiction and prevent the myths from adding to your stress.
  • You can either meet with Bob individually or as a couple.  There is usually no problem to start the conversation individually and then bring your spouse into the discussion.

2. Client Agreement

  • Based on the initial meeting and mutually agreed upon areas of focus, Bob will provide the client with a contract and can answer your questions on potential costs. At any time you feel you no longer need Bob’s service, the contract can be ended at your discretion. 


3. Fact gathering

  • Every attorney will require a status of your finances to understand what income, assets and debts are being divided.  Organizing your financial picture is critical to your success.  Carroll Financial specializes in working with you to gather the financial information necessary to make informed decisions with confidence.   
  • Based on his years of experience Bob will help avoid issues and efficiently focus on what’s needed.  While some attorneys help with your finances they rarely have specialized training in the area and their fees are typically much higher.
  • Whether your finances are very straightforward or more complex with a private business, specialized executive compensation package or major tax implication, Bob can help guide you through what needs to happen, no financial expertise is required.

  • What is most important to you?  Is maintaining the family home critical or are you looking for new housing?  What about the needs of your children?  Are you worried about having enough financial resources to live the life you want to live?  
  • Bob draws on his experience to help clients define their needs and goals.  These goals serve as the “focus point” when looking at potential settlement options and planning for your future.

4. Set your goals

  • Using your goals and historical standard of living, Bob will build a budget for the life you seek going forward.  
  • One of the most common questions Bob hears is ‘am I going to be ok?’ - developing a customized plan helps to reassure clients.  

5. Put vision into reality

  • In most cases, ending a marriage requires a negotiated settlement and to get there, both parties will be asked to consider different options.  This is where Bob can really help to analyze the various options and educate clients on the different financial impacts so that they make informed decisions with confidence.

6 Evaluate options -
decide with confidence

  • One of the benefits of working with Bob is that he is available to counsel clients after their divorce, the continuity is helpful to seamlessly transition clients into their new life and financial plan.  Bob advises clients on managing their investments, taxes, insurance etc.  to ensure they continue to meet their desired lifestyle goals. 

7. Post divorce transition

While the financial aspect of your divorce may seem overwhelming, Bob breaks it down step by step to guide clients in an approachable, respectful fashion.