When should I contact Carroll Financial?

While Bob works with clients at every stage of divorce, it is recommended to reach out as soon as you think that divorce may be a potential. Reviewing your financial picture is one of the first steps; being prepared will save you time and money with an attorney.

How much will it cost to work with Bob?

Bob charges an hourly rate for his services and can answer your questions regarding costs after your initial consultation. While some attorneys handle the financial component, Bob’s clients usually find it is a cost savings to work with him; in addition they receive Bob’s specialized expertise in divorce financial planning.

How does Bob work with my attorney?

Bob works closely with your attorney to provide seamless service. He has developed a strong working relationship with the top divorce attorneys in the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area and is always open to forging new partnerships. The benefit of having Bob and an attorney is to get the right expertise for the work that needs to be accomplished.

What if I don’t have an attorney?

Through his extensive experience as a Certified Financial Planner® and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™, Bob has developed many strong partnerships with top local attorneys and would be happy to provide recommendations that suit your needs. Bob can also provide contacts in the areas of counseling, family counseling, job re-training, real estate, wellness etc.

Should my spouse and I meet with Bob together?

You can either meet with Bob individually or as a couple. There is usually no problem to start the conversation individually and then bring your spouse into the discussion.

Who else needs to be part of my divorce ‘team’?

Quite often a divorce requires several professionals, each with specialized expertise. These professionals are very accustomed to working in a team to efficiently counsel clients at the lowest cost and give clients more control over the process. Carroll Financial works with you to identify the resources you want and need by drawing on their network of top ranked professional partners in the area.


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